Challenge your Status Quo

You ready? First, strip off your underwear, and run through your streets calling out for a kitten named Little Henry. This is the first step to get outside those emotional and psychological barriers called Status Quo. It’s also a good way to get arrested…

So don’t start that way, instead just focus on how to challenge your status quo across the board, whether it’s sexual taboos that your girlfriend/boyfriend finally asked you to partake in, losing that extra weight you’ve been talking about to everyone and their sisters (except Carrie, you’ve never really thought she was that good looking so you actually would rather her know you as the bigger guy), to simply doing things you might be scared of — like a deep tissue massage at a Thai Parlor and asking for Loli to “finish you off”. All of this might be scary but don’t worry, I’ll hold your sweet, soft hand through all of this. And if you need me to hold your hand even when you pass the smaller barriers, I’m here also. And by “here” I actually mean that I’m not really “here” but technically I left and I’ll be back when you get it together!

Challenging your Status Quo is one of the most difficult things a person can do. It’s hard earned but worth every second, even if it means snapping one or both legs while in shark infested water. That moment before you die will be scary, but all the more worthwhile.

And if this horrible description of this doesn’t make you feel better about actually doing this, then sign up for my mailing list (CLICK THESE WORDS HERE). I promise, I won’t bug the shit out of you. But as soon as I finish my small PDF book on “How to Challenge Your Status Quo in the Most Absurd Ways and Become the Coolest Person You Know” (title is temporary, BTW), I’ll send this thing your way. Meanwhile, enjoy the other two buggers I put together for your perusal and objectification in this gender bending world of ours! Come Troll me Brah! No political correctness around here…except for anal warts. Anytime someone is dealing with those, we need to really put on the kiddie gloves…just in case they pop.


Jack @ Epic Beasts