Beast Nation Top Nootropics

Beast Nation has proven to be a purveyor of goods within the nutrition, strength and nootropic realms. But specifically, here are the top 5 Nootropics that have found their way onto our shelves across this universe and a link where to buy them (which consequentially supports the Beast Nation’s growth):

1 – Optimind – This is an energy drink in pill form and a way to get off of big pharma noots without missing a beat. Ever wanted to feel like someone patted you on the butt before you went to work but a lot more sensual than you are used to. Then you are in luck because this is a great way to enter into the nootropic category for zero dollars and feeling like you might just be a pick-up line. You can sign up below and they’ll send you a free trial (but as a reminder, if you fumble the ball when you get it and don’t like it for whatever reason, then feel free to cancel online). This one product goes with me wherever I go and usually ends up as a hand out in festivals and nudist communes.


2 – Afinil Express – Modalert or any of the Modafinils/Armodafinils – This is where rubber meets the road. Need Modafinil and a doctor wants to fist you before you get it — No more of that Anti-freedom bullshit to keep you from being a whirlwind of awesome or GSD’in’. Have fun flying the freedom flag of America while an Eagle delivers this shit to your door. But be careful, Eagles do shit on people sometimes.


3 – Ciltep – Products in the world fall into two categories: Bullshit and Awesome. This is in a third category: Fuckin’ Awesome. It’s a true blue stack of epic proportions to help you GSD the universe around you with little to no issues other than a sleep session of recovery (I sleep a few hours extra so my brain gets bigger supposedly). It helps you focus everything into a inner taoist monk type being and allows you to simply hammer it out like a jackrabbit banging out the whole bunny ranch. Ciltep is natural and is a reason the song “Celebration” is such a success.

CILTEP® Nootropic Stack – 60 Capsules

4 – Alphabrain – Sometimes you need that learning brain power that you lust after…you know, the one where one of your friends seems to be able to remember and learn all kinds of stuff and memorize cool shit. This product is that helping hand out of the stratosphere that reaches down and simply rubs your heads like a cool breeze on a hot summer. It’s also great for Snapchat sex and gaming sessions.

5 – Lion’s Mane Mushroom w/Coffee or simply Lion’s Mane – Either way, you win. You might as well be a floating Lion in the sky with this stuff, it’s that good. The Coffee is a nice kick but even if you don’t want that, taking in the normal Lion’s Mane is a feel good operation that leads to GSD and saving the lives of people that you didn’t expect to. Four Sigmatic also has a ton of other cool adaptogens that I can’t say enough about. Check them out or you might die young…


And those 5 products are what Beast Nations tends to have on it’s shelves most of time and in the largest numbers. Feel free to jump on board any of those and enjoy them. And if you have any questions, feel free to sign up at the mailing list and hit me back with a rocket-socket-uppercut to my nutsack when you get a moment. I love hearing from everyone, even the ones that want me dead.


– Jack @ EpicBeasts